We focus on fulfilling your luxury shop for extraordinary customer shopping experience with our exquisite store furniture, premium interior decorations design and quick response in after-sales maintenance.

In the past 14 years store display counter furniture manufacturing experience, Goopak people not only focus on production, but also we hold the concept of sustainable development for environment, social compliance and ecological responsibility.

Goopak is Dongguan Gaobo Industry CO.,LTD since 2002, a professional display counter furniture manufacturer for retail shops, as well as a commercial environment display solutions and store decorations provider company for luxury products in China Guangdong Canton, Dongguan city.

Our 700 experienced team members unite together to make Goopak one of the leading manufacturers in the retail shop display industry, we are always passionate about bringing exciting in-store counter furniture, display counter, sales counter, display showcase, cashier, service counter, counter unit, mall kiosk and retail shops' interior decoration for nearly 30 famous luxury products brands.

We expertise people in Goopak are proud of providing integrated solutions for commercial display environment, with brilliant visually retail store display counters, display showcases for shops, retail shop display cabinet, cashier and service counter, composable display counter, corner counter in shops, store display cases and related store decorations and in-store interior design ideas in classic and luxury retail shops display style and counter furniture.

Goopak is a display furniture manufacturing factory of ChinaBanner Exhibition Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd, who was established in 2002 in Shenzhen.

Benefits from the growing business in retail shops display counters showcase, store counter furniture and decorations, with a lot support and trust from our clients from all over the world, Chinabanner then built its modern furniture factory base at Dongguan city in 2009, with the brand name “Goopak”.

Dongguan city, THE FACTORY OF THE WORLD gives Goopak display furniture extensive resources in skillful manpower, convenient infrastucture, high quality raw materials and efficient export policies from our local government. 


60,000 square meters land space with 8 production lines that accommodate 1000 team members, which has become one of the biggest display furniture manufacturing base in South China.

4 factories equipped with state of the art machines for Wood finishing, LED lighting, Glass and Metal processing that continuously conducting the highest standard in the retail environment improvement industry.

12 experienced designers understand the challenges that a high-end brand is facing. To customize a design that accentuates your shop brand strength, realize your marketing strategy and maximize your profitability goals, these jobs can't beat our talented world-class designers and a veteran team of engineers in construction of retail shops display environment.

Swatch Group, GUCCI, GIORGIO AMARNI, ROLEX, Christian Dior, Dunhill, Optic Master, TISSOT, ULLYSSE NARDIN, PIAGET, EMILE CHOURIET, LUKFOOK, CHOWTAIFOOK, JASS, SONY, OPPO and EPSON among others almost 30 well-know luxury brands are on our clients list range from watch, cosmetic, jewelry, optical, electronic, apparel, restaurant and hotel.

These famous luxury brands' shop decoration, display furniture manufacturing and display counters furniture costs were greatly reduced under Goopak's construction.

We promise to fulfill your retail brand vision's construction with our extensive retail furniture experience and resources in premium design, exceptional furniture and expert store installation, our high impact in-store interiors will set you from other respected competitors.

The concepts we conceived and produced in retail shop furniture and store decor industry set us apart from others in the industry, and set our clients apart from their respective competitors as well. We owns long-term cooperation with our clients in retail shop display environment.

Our mission is to create a exciting and attractive shopping environment that motivate consumers to repeatedly visit and make a purchase that bring increasing sales, with our high quality display furniture products: service counters, display cabinets, wall units, retail store shelving, display showcase, free kiosk, plex shelf and cabinets etc furniture for shops.

Goopak is a Retail Stores Decor Company and a Professional Display Furniture Manufacturer as well. Not only focus on production, but also Goopak pursues the concept of sustainable development for nature and society,  and conducts the codes and rules base on local laws and international conventions for occupational health, safety and environment standards.

Advantages of Goopak's in in-store display furniture:

 1. Custom integrally solutions for commercial display environment
 2. State of the art production process and technology
 3. Quick response in maintenance service
 4. Fast delivery and installation

Goopak is a on-list professional custom furniture manufacturer of Export Committee In China that produces retail shop display products which are wide range counter furniture of Watch shop display counter, Jewelry Stores Display showcase, Cosmetics Shop Display cabinet, Optical Shop Display Fixtures, Cellphone Shop Display service counter, Clothing Store Display units, Handbag Stores Display wall shelve, Wine Store Displays, Underwear Shop Display cabinet, Perfume Shop showcase, Coffee Shop Furniture and retail shop decor display fixtures, and including hotel furniture and custom villa furniture.


Welcome to Goopak for a pleasant visit of our production lines, the display counters, shop showcase, store display cabinet, display cases and store furniture and shop decoration displays, to improve your unique custom designed furniture, you can reply on the Goopak the professional store display furniture manufacturer!

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