To Rebuild A New House In The Old House Is The Best Way To Refresh Your Home

A years-old-built house might have this kind of problem. A building year old house must have this kind of problem. For example, outdated building materials and construction processes will result in outdated living conditions, conditions of storage houses have become less satisfying. When it comes the though of refreshing, some houses will be to reinvented, the transformation of remedial and some will do, but there are also some renovation will start from the internal environment, and refurbished means there are many, one of the fastest direct ride new room in room.


This houses rebuilt by the farmers from the B & B is actually a real red-coming network architecture - from the perspective of building renovation, a house looks less solid soil, but it's clean and comfortable after modification, in line with the modern aesthetic of interior environment, it is quite dramatic; And this B & B refreshed house to be a farmer inn also beat the world's top 540 hotel, the farmer inn has honoured by the design magazine "Hospitality design magazine"  The Top 2016 Best Budget Hotel, well this made it become more popular.


Several designers put transparent glass box into the earth-made house to make this modern style inn in the farm village.


Extra clear glass and high gloss polished stainless steel in custom furniture design made this happened.


The furniture were manufactured by Goopak special department for villa and hotel. As a display counter factory Goopak also produces hotel furniture which needs particular carpenter to understand the drawing and design, it took 3 months to install those shining staffs right on places.Glass beveling, wood craft and LED lighting that were under environment-friendly processes.