The Materials Of Counter Furniture Have To Be Checked In The RoHS X-Ray Analyzing Machine

Every lot of raw materials and components, such as MAF, fire proof laminates, glasses, steel, plastics LED, and others that used in our display counter furniture for shops, have to be put in this RoHS X-Ray materials analyzing machine.


The QA department only accepts those marked OK by the machine, eliminating the affects from human. This is the effort Goopak always does for environment friendly sales counters and display showcases during they are manufactured in the production line of factory, there are no anti ECO counter furniture we ship out through our factory gate, thats the reason why they call Goopak the leading manufacturer in display furniture industry.


Its Shimadzu EDX series. Some features that this machine may help us to supply you perfect display counter for store:


Various functions and options in EDX (EDXRF) analysis

Energy Dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDX) spectrometer is the instrument to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses for elements comprising a material by measuring re-emitted characteristic X-ray from elements.


EDX is non-destructive and therefore can be used for various applications like solid, powder, liquid and wafer.



Strong support for the control of harmful metals in resin


Trace analysis and rapid analysis are recently seeing an increased emphasis on compliance with environmental regulations such as RoHS and ELV.

·                Sample chamber, that has world first automatic open/close cover, can accept sample up to 300mm dia. X 150mm height.

·                Quantitative analysis software for thin-film to organic substances are embedded as standard feature.

·                Content matching software that does not require standard sample is equipped as standard feature.

·                5 types of primary X-ray filters with automatic changeover are embedded for high sensitivity analysis. These improve S/N ratio.

·                Compact body as 580mm (w) x 650 (d) x 420mm (h).