The Design Of The Hotel Furniture Is Closely Linked To The Style Of The Hotel

The design of the hotel furniture is closely linked to the style of the hotel. So different star star hotel furniture should have a corresponding design style, furniture should be integrated into the environment, due to the different stars in the positioning of the hotel, the cost of the budget will be different, so today we come Look at their differences!

1, a star hotel furniture generally require relatively simple, only with two functions can be eat and sleep. To provide basic travel needs and other basic services, so the furniture is relatively simple.

2, two-star hotel, the general will have rooms, restaurants, barbershop, so the choice of these furniture to be more than a little bit, but also requires practical, good quality.

3, three-star hotel, due to the equipment are more complete, on the basis of room and board also includes the conference hall, game room, bar, cafes, sauna and so on. And the room area is relatively large, generally have more than 20 square meters, the indoor furniture requirements are more complete, in the basic bed. Tables and chairs and other furniture on the basis of a formula refrigerator, television, wine and so on the cabinet.

4, four-star and five-star hotel furniture requirements even higher, because they do not come to the most facilities, but also very particular about style with. So in the hotel furniture are demanding high quality, high degree of high material, and furniture must be noble and generous, one seems to have the status of a sense of status. But also includes the Presidential Deluxe Suite, which means that this suite of furniture is not only a room, but rather a house that needs more furniture.

Different star hotel from the service to the hotel furniture experience can be resolved, so the choice of star hotel furniture must meet the star requirements, so as to reflect the hotel should have the star service.