Store Decor How To Decorate The Business Will Be Prosperous

Do business stress and health, booming, then how to decorate the shop in order to business booming it? This season the shop feng shui to take you to understand the shop decoration feng shui, the shop how to decorate business booming, the following we come together to see it.

1, shop location

In the decoration shop before the first thing to do is to determine the location of the shop, which involves the location of the shop. From the feng shui point of view, the owner if you want to shop a wide range of financial resources, the best location of the store set in auspicious position, such as those who are angry, longevity, heavenly auspicious position.

2, shop door

After confirming the location of the shop, you may need to determine the location of the shop. Many people choose the location of the shop, will choose the kind of tripartite intersection, because people there traffic, business opportunities are relatively large. If the owner is the choice of this tripartite intersection, it is best to change the door of the shop by the side, rather than straight to the trigeminal intersection. Feng Shui said, many people more evil spirits are also heavier, from side by side, evil spirits will enter the shop. Second, the door means that lucky fortune, so the owner can be placed next to the door with some feng shui activities of feng shui plants, such as money tree, transport bamboo and fortune tree and so on.

3, shop counter

Shop counters and the success of a shop has a great relationship, because the store's goods is on the counter, so the counter is not good, the profit and loss of the shop has a great impact. For the shop counter, now a lot of shopkeepers have chosen to place in the store escalator exit, because the location of the traffic is very large, but the shopkeepers are often forgotten, the customer may just look at the counter or bypass the counter, so many When such a design can not get the desired effect. If the shopkeeper likes this location, you can try to set the counter at the stairs 2 meters.

4, shop cashier

Cashier means profit, in the shop decoration, the store cash register is very important. Feng Shui in such a sentence, "Juqi is gather money, scattered gas is scattered money", so when the layout of the cashier shop to gather gas to better position. In general, in the shop to the white tiger and the financial position is the best poly gas position. In addition, the cashier is a shop where the wealth of land, so in the feng shui must not be scattered, so the cashier should not be behind the wall, because no walls will lead to leakage of wealth, is not conducive to the wealth of the store.

5, placed God of Wealth or Lucky mascot

Put the wealth of God or Lucky mascot is a lot of shopkeepers in the decoration shop will do one thing. Because the God of Wealth and Lucky mascot if placed properly, not only can play the role of decorative shops, feng shui can also strengthen the wealth of shops. Shop God of Wealth is the most able to gather wealth, God of Wealth and God of Wealth of God, choose which God of Wealth to make its owner itself, if the owner is doing business to do the boss, the election of God is better, if the owner is a personal business people God of Wealth is better. In addition, the shop mascot there are many, such as people commonly used brave and silver round, put these mascots on the shop financial position, will be able to play the role of Lucky.

6, shop to meet the owner of the character

Everyone has a birthday character, which is every Chinese people know the common sense. The five elements in the five elements of the same phase, so in the decoration of the shop, the shopkeepers also need to pay attention to one thing, that is, the shop to meet their own character, so that shops and shopkeepers can be affordable, natural shop booming, the owner can Smooth and smooth fortune.

Shop feng shui furnishings

Shop feng shui furnishings of the door: the general shop door should not be too small, access to the door is too small, will make its customers access to the very inconvenience. In the shop decoration feng shui, too small door is not conducive to breathing, so that the increase in the shop's angry, and added dead gas; the so-called "scissors road" refers to the shop before the door can not fork in the road, will also affect the Judgment and decision of the master.

Shop feng shui furnishings of the counter: for the display of the counter, many people will be designed in the escalator exit, of course, this is to allow customers to see the goods sold at a glance, but often some customers will bypass the counter, and to the side Counter to pick, so do not prevent the counter set in the stairs 2 meters, maybe you will feel the "house school" magical effect.

Shop feng shui furnishings of the cashier: in the shop decoration feng shui, a good shop decoration among the cash register location is very important, should not be designed in the near chaos, at the same time have to be arranged to be very appropriate. Of course, in the shop decoration feng shui, the shop also has a lot of color stress, it should also be based on the store's orientation, the sale of goods and the five elements of the property and the combination of the consideration of the owner Oh

Shop feng shui furnishings of the location: due to the large crossroads flow, many people choose the location of the shop will be selected in the trigeminal junction, etc., but from the shop decoration feng shui point of view, at this time the door of the shop is best changed by the side Into, in order to avoid and block the road from the evil spirits, the effect will be better.