Prime Minister Likeqiang"like" OPPO, GOOPAK Honoured Its Display Tables

Oct.13rd, 2016, the prime minister of China state council Likeqiang visited Guangdong Oupo Mobile Communications Company Limited. Its independent mobile phone brand "OPPO" born out of BUBUGAO, has sold to 19 countries and regions, it's shipments rank in the world fourth, second in the China mobile market.

Prime Minister Likeqiang standing by the OPPO mobile phone demonstration display table, which is provided by the display furniture manufactuer-Dongguan Gaobo(Goopak) Industry Co.,Ltd, he said:"OPPO is from traditional industries, jumped to the present production of high-end smart phones, to achieve a gorgeous change, like the caterpillar reinventing itself as the butterfly. OPPO is a successfull paradigm of the manufacturing companies to transform and upgrading their industrial structure.