Look At The Value Of Hotel Furniture From Recycling

Hotel furniture recycling industry has existed long ago, I heard that a very profitable industry. Many of the star hotels are very harsh for the hotel furniture, as long as the surface damage or where the break will be replaced, sold to those furniture recyclers, and the recovery price is very low. In fact, you do not know is that the hotel furniture, although the surface damaged or broken feet, but the material inside is very rich, the material is very standardized, only need to go through some simple processing, but also as a new furniture into the market. Some broken more powerful point, you can also repair, sold to those small cities and small businesses, the price may be the original plus one-half or one-third of the money, but the cost of recycling and maintenance is too low So, so that the profit of the recovery business is very impressive.

We can see from the profits of the recyclers, the value of the hotel furniture is very high, even if the old broken, the value is not underestimated. Of course, this is to look at people's eyes okay, especially those who do furniture recycling, we must know the furniture brand and materials, so as to make themselves able to get more profits. But the recycler is only able to see the furniture is good or bad, do not have a complete reduction technology, such as painting can not have the original so good.

So we need to buy the hotel furniture customers to pay attention to, and must buy the original genuine. For example, we produce hotel furniture, in the wood selection and production process will be carefully selected production, and our production process is not someone else can do it, so we produce the hotel furniture, allowing consumers to look at the past You can know is the original authentic also used fake.