Indispensable For The Games Counter

In elementary school, middle school, high school and College, games are held every year, sports a lot of projects, of course is of interest to most of the games, so what to judge results? counter, of course. In sports, everyone's favorite is Sprint, looking at the students that fast pace, everyone was curious about how much their running speed? will be used to counter. Counter through the background CGI program when the visitor's browser when I read page counter code, and according to the address specified in the code to read a numeric value, then that value will be CGI programs plus 1 operation and the new value. New forms of value as specified in the code in the picture is displayed in the browser, and the new value is saved to the original location overwrites the old value. The above process will be repeated each time the page is accessed again, with the counter's display value will gradually accumulate. Is running in the end results.