How To Deal With The Paint Out Of The Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture in the production process according to the needs of the process can require the use of paint, paint, although the high cost, but the process characteristics of good value for money. Although the paint is good, but the use of furniture, there will always be a collision in the process, if the phenomenon of paint can be how to deal with?

For the general hotel furniture paint drop damage, according to the usual way to repair the paint can repair the furniture paint, but the paint is not the same, this paint is not ordinary paint can be, it is because the paint in the production process The particularity. If you want to know how to repair paint paint paint, you must first know what kind of paint furniture.

Bakery hotel furniture is first in the polished furniture sheet, spray a number of layers of paint, and then after high temperature barbecue stereotypes. The furniture has the advantages of stability, durability, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high hardness, bright surface color, good appearance, corrosion resistance, waterproof moisture, fire resistance Well, do not need to re-edge.

Usually non-baked hotel furniture, paint processing method is easier, most of them are used to fill the way to fill the paint, but for the paint, it does not apply, even if the barely fill up, but it is not paint the hotel furniture, the advantages of paint Has been gone, so to repair paint, it can only re-paint, which is the best way to repair.