Hotel Furniture Rubbing Paint Into The Wood One-third, To Extend The Life

  Hotel Furniture rubbing paint into the wood one-third, to extend the life

  What is the raw lacquer?

  Raw lacquer (natural paint), commonly known as "earth paint", also known as "national paint" or "big paint." Is cut from the knee tree milky white colloidal liquid, once the contact with the air after the brown, a few hours after the surface hardening and hardening to produce patent leather, is our specialty. It is resistant to acid, alcohol, high temperature, wear and oil resistance and other characteristics, painted on the surface of the Hotel Furniture adhesion, hard coating, bright, is the production of mahogany Hotel Furniture, good paint, but also other chemical paint can not be replaced Of the paint.

  At present, China's production of four kinds of raw lacquer categories: 1, Mao Paint: Yichuan County, Hubei Province town of Maoba, paint for the light yellow, sour; 2, large wood lacquer: wild lacquer or artificial cultivation of female home tree 3, small wood lacquer: artificial cultivation of other varieties of lacquer produced by the raw lacquer, valley yellow, smell fragrance; 4, oil seed paint: special small wood lacquer, sauce purple, light odor.

  Hotel Furniture paint

  Wiping the lacquer process

  In the contemporary mahogany Hotel Furniture production process, mahogany Hotel Furniture, lacquer craft can be divided into two kinds:

  1, one is the use of pure lacquer soldering process, used in woody oily larger objects, such as red foliage, rosewood, ebony and other production of valuable Hotel Furniture, is now less used;

  2, the second is the use of mixed paint (back cover with chemical paint, the use of lacquer finish on the surface of the modern paint technology), the market is currently selling many mahogany Hotel Furniture are used to deal with this lacquer finish, which is particularly suitable for chicken wing wood , Rosewood produced by the mahogany Hotel Furniture, film after forming high gloss, corrosion resistance, tough wear.

  The process of the traditional Hotel Furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which is the first pure lacquer, including playing the base (also known as "doing the foundation") - scraping paint - scrub - step. Hotel Furniture every time the paint, dry sandpaper will be polished once, and then paint, and then polished, this process needs to be repeated ten times. In this process, the Hotel Furniture must be sent into the shade many times, because in a certain humidity and temperature, the film can only dry.

  According to reports, raw lacquer process complicated, only pure handmade fine mahogany Hotel Furniture is possible to use lacquer craft, a set of Hotel Furniture takes about a month or so to complete this full set of processes. Today, the market with pure raw lacquer produced mahogany Hotel Furniture has become less and less.

  The benefits of raw lacquer

  The lacquer craft is a means of maintaining and beautifying the wooden Hotel Furniture in the traditional Chinese Hotel Furniture craft. From the natural lacquer tree in the mining of raw lacquer, the Hotel Furniture on the paint operation, to retain the wood natural wood and natural lines. The lacquer craft is a kind of green natural wood making technique, which is harmful to the human body, especially can penetrate into the wood and penetrate into the depths of wood. It is a kind of old technology which is time consuming and labor intensive.

  After the painting process to do out of the mahogany Hotel Furniture, wood clear, smooth and smooth, clear and bright light, feel comfortable, not only improve the appreciation of mahogany Hotel Furniture space, and enhance its artistic appreciation of the value, greatly extending the life of mahogany Hotel Furniture. In conclusion, the following benefits are:

  1, natural environmental protection.

  Raw lacquer and the general chemical paint is different, it is a healthy and environmentally friendly paint, is cut from the knee tree cut milky white liquid off, because itself is derived from plants, so it is very strong affinity with wood, not only green harmless , But also can penetrate into the depths of wood. At the same time because of its natural, so there is no pollution, safety and environmental protection, do not hurt the human body, can be a good protection of the Hotel Furniture surface is not damaged.

  2, long lasting gloss.

  Raw paint film bright, color and durable, bright light performance privilege, which has a long time, will not change color, not easy to contaminate, not afraid of insects and not affected by temperature and other advantages. Mahogany Hotel Furniture as a high-end, expensive wood Hotel Furniture, it is more than the general universal wood Hotel Furniture on the paint have a higher demand, finishing process is also more complex, which is usually used to deal with the surface of the paint lacquer. Mahogany Hotel Furniture, paint the process, the layers of the paint will be painted into the wood surface of the pores and wood mixed with the wood, not only to protect the function better, and anti-corrosion, acid and alkali, high temperature, fire, And with the use of age will be more and more smooth.

  3, moisture-proof anti-corrosion.

  Raw lacquer in the south more widely used, due to the damp weather in the south, in the Hotel Furniture surface coated with a thin layer of raw lacquer can play a very good moisturizing effect. In the dry film, with anti-corrosion, Naisuan Jian, moisture-proof insulation, oxidation resistance, friction, high temperature characteristics.

  4, good permeability.

  Raw lacquer will be the wood texture and pores more realistic performance, more to show the natural beauty of the material. Rubbed the mahogany Hotel Furniture must get the paint room. And the requirements of the paint room is very high, both the temperature but also the humidity. Because in such conditions the paint is easy to dry. After the Hotel Furniture dry to get outside, with fine sandpaper polished, destroyed the paint, and then rub a layer of paint, and then into the paint room dry. This repeated 10-15 times. After repeated repeated to ensure that the lacquer can be well penetrated into the wood, rather than just attached to the wood surface.