Hotel Furniture Is A Hotel Project

Hotel furniture, is the hotel project, the hotel project design and indoor environment for supporting the design, need to directly consider the indoor functions and the environment harmonious. In addition, according to the standard requirements of different stars, different styles and different requirements. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel rooms furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture and so on.

Hotel matching furniture generally includes room furniture, restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture and so on. Guest room furniture is divided into standard furniture, suite furniture, presidential suite furniture. Here is the focus of the hotel furniture to discuss the proportion of the heaviest room furniture.

General room furniture functional requirements and furniture is basically similar to the requirements of a sleep rest, simple writing function, small pieces of luggage storage, simple clothes for washing. Corresponding to these functions, relatively speaking, generally by the following furniture: bed sets, desk, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, leisure chairs, coffee table, bedside cabinet and other components. Wardrobe is usually completed by the decoration company site construction.

Buy common sense

1, the hotel furniture material is reasonable

Different hotel furniture, surface materials are different. Such as table, chair, cabinet legs, require hardwood, more solid, able to load, and internal materials are available other materials; coat cabinet legs thickness requirements of 2.5cm, too thick to look clumsy, thin easy to bend Deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not do with fibreboard, but should use plywood, because the fiber board will be inflated, damaged; table should be washed.

Found that wood has worm eyes, drop the foam, that drying is not complete. Check the finished surface, but also open the door, drawer door to see inside the material there is no decay, Beijing and Jun letter US furniture suggest that you can pinch a pinch pinch, pinch into the description of the material rotten. Open the door after the nose with a smell, if red nose, dazzling, tears, indicating that the formaldehyde content of glue in the body is too high, will be harmful to humans.

2, wood moisture content of not more than 12%

Hotel furniture moisture content of not more than 12%, high moisture content, easy to warp wood, deformation. General consumers to buy, there is no test equipment, you can take the method of hand touch, hand touch the hotel furniture or inside the bottom of the paint did not place, if the feeling of tide, then the water content at least 50% or more, simply can not be used. Another way to do this is to paint a little water on the wood without paint. If you are slow or no, it shows that the water content is high.

3, the hotel furniture structure is solid

Small pieces of hotel furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers and so on in the selection can be dragged on the concrete floor, gently fell a fall, the sound crisp, that the quality is better; if the sound dumb, Indicating that the mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong. Beijing and Jun letter US furniture suggest that you write desk, the table can be shaking hands to see steady instability. The sofa can sit and sit, if you take a move on the creaky ring, a shake on the Akira, is nail live, not how long. Square tables, tables, chairs and other legs should have four triangular clip, from the fixed role, the selection of the table and chairs can be turned over to see, cloth chair can be touched by hand.

4, the hotel furniture four feet are flat

This is a bit on the ground to know, some hotel furniture only three legs landing. Take a look at the desktop is straight, can not bow back or collapse of the waist The desktop raised, the glass plate will turn around; desktop recess, put a pressure on the glass plate on the broken. Pay attention to check the door, the drawer of the sub-joints can not be too large, to pay attention to horizontal flat, the door can not sag.

5, veneer hotel furniture patchwork Yan Yan

Whether it is posted wood veneer, PVC or paste the pre-painted paper, should pay attention to whether the skin was posted on the flat, with or without drums, blistering, patchwork lax phenomenon.

Check to be directed at the light, not light can not see. Covered with shredded sham wood veneer hotel furniture more damaged, generally only two years. In the case of veneer veneer, veneer veneer is better than peeling. Beijing and Jun letter US furniture suggest that you identify the two methods is to see the wood pattern, sliced veneer wood texture straight and dense, peeling of the veneer pattern and sparse Particleboard veneer hotel furniture, the ground part must be edge, not edge board will absorb moisture, swollen and damaged. General veneer hotel furniture corner of the place easy to tilt, pick the time you can use the hand buckle about the corner, if a buckle up, that there is a problem with glue.