Hotel Furniture Engraving Process

  Hotel furniture engraving process

  Traditional high-end hotel furniture, there are many carvings can attract customers to the eye; especially the Chinese mahogany hotel furniture. Often in the hotel to see inside some of the Chinese furniture, these furniture is very eye-catching carving, Hotel furniture will let us dizzying. If you look closely at these carvings, you will find that it is not just a product, but also a work of art.

  These furniture carving in China's Ming and Qing Dynasties has been a very good development. Hotel furniture has been carved to maintain these types of methods such as: round carving, relief, carved carved, mosaic carving, through carving, through the double-sided carving.

  Furniture engraving can be divided into traditional carving and mechanical engraving. In ancient China in the absence of carving machinery before the emergence of hand-carved by the completion, but even if there is a modern society, Hotel furniture there are manual carving, because the cost of buying these machines is too high. So ordinary small factories or the use of hand-carved. But if the large factories in order to mass production are using machinery for carving. And the use of manual carving has a drawback is that although the cost is low, but inevitably master wrong moment carved wrong, if it is so trouble, so the wood will be scrapped. Mechanical engraving is the use of computer software to operate. Therefore, Hotel furniture the error rate is relatively small, the cost is low. However, the hotel furniture, hand-carved but can give furniture aura, so that customers feel a cultural heritage of the atmosphere, to bring people not the same feelings.