Five-star Hotel Furniture Custom Material Selection

  Five-star hotel furniture custom material selection

  In recent years, the rapid development of the economy to promote the rapid development of the service industry to the hotel as the representative of the service industry has also been vigorous development. In order to enhance their own competitiveness, all kinds of hotels in the decoration, the choice of furniture is also particularly concerned, in order to meet the different needs of different customers, many hotels use furniture custom way to highlight the personalized. To five-star hotel furniture custom, for example, furniture customization needs to meet the appearance of beautiful furniture, the quality of strong conditions, so the hotel furniture custom material selection is very important:

  1, wood particleboard selection

  Particleboards are also called microparticles, and most of its material is taken from artificial or natural tree trunks and branches for processing. Using high temperature and high pressure method to make the middle of long-term wood fiber and both sides of the fine wood fiber pressed into a plate. Particleboard size is 18mm and 25mm, because of its small expansion rate and strong stability, etc. Five-star hotel furniture custom often choose it. However, the quality of the particleboard in the market is often a big difference, it is not easy to distinguish between true and false, some particleboard due to the edge is very rough, resulting in moisture into the board loose situation, the quality of the particle board greatly reduced, so the particle board Choose to be very careful.

  2, the choice of fiberboard

  Five-star hotel furniture customization often use fiberboard, fiberboard and particleboard compared to the surface is relatively smooth, good stability and load-bearing, its internal structure is tight, easy to loose, maintain the ability of the original situation is strong, whether in strength or The hardness is more suitable than the particleboard. Fibreboard is made of powdered wood fiber at high temperature, it is not easy to be deformed, easy to disassemble and transport, and the market is often melamine fiber board processing, so the fiberboard has a moisture, wear, high temperature advantages, but because of processing Fine input high cost, the price of fibreboard is relatively high.

  3, the choice of blockboard

  There is a kind of material is the blockboard, we can call it big core board, this material is mainly the use of natural peeling veneer and solid wood puzzle after coating, hot pressing and other procedures made of sheet metal. For the blockboard production methods can be divided into two kinds, divided into the machine and manual hand-made, the manual method is to use the manpower will be embedded in the wooden plywood in the plywood, but this method to do Blockboard is poorly squeezed and is not suitable for use as a material for cutting. But the machine made of the plate out of the plate there is no such shortcomings, on the contrary its weighing capacity is very strong and easy to deformation.

  Therefore, the hotel furniture customization should be carefully selected the right material, not for the sake of temporary profits cut corners, in the pursuit of individuality should also pay attention to quality.