Elements Of Hotel Furniture

  Elements of Hotel Furniture

  Hotel Furniture is composed of material, structure, appearance and function of four factors, which is the first guide, is to promote the development of Hotel Furniture power; structure is the backbone, is the basis for the realization of the function. These four factors are interrelated and constrained. As the Hotel Furniture is designed to meet people's material needs and use of the design and production, so the Hotel Furniture also has the function and appearance of the form of factors. The following describes the four elements of the main content and the relationship between each other.

  1, material

  Material is the material basis of the Hotel Furniture, in the history of the development of Hotel Furniture, Hotel Furniture from the material can be used to reflect the level of productivity development. In addition to commonly used wood, metal, plastic, there are vine, bamboo, glass, rubber, fabric, decorative panels, leather, sponge and so on. However, not any material can be used in Hotel Furniture production, the application of Hotel Furniture materials also have a certain selectivity, which should mainly take into account the following factors.

  (1) processing technology. Material processing technology directly affects the production of Hotel Furniture. For wood materials, in the processing process, to take into account its impact by the water produced by the expansion, anisotropy and porosity and so on. Plastic materials to take into account its ductility, thermoplastic deformation and so on. Glass material to take into account its thermal brittleness, hardness and so on.

  (2) texture and appearance quality. The texture and texture of the material determines the special feel of the appearance of the product. Wood is a natural material, texture natural, beautiful, vivid, feel good, and easy to process, coloring, is the production of fine Hotel Furniture materials. Plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of modeling various natural materials, and have good coloring performance, but it is easy to aging, easy to heat deformation, with the production of Hotel Furniture, its life and use of the scope is limited.

  (3) economy. The economics of Hotel Furniture materials include the price of materials, the labor consumption of materials, the utilization of materials and the richness of material sources. Although the wood has the advantages of natural texture, but with the increase in demand, timber reserves continue to decrease, increasingly scarce resources, and wood materials similar to the economic aesthetic materials will be widely used in the production of Hotel Furniture.

  (4) strength. Strength to consider its grip and anti-cracking performance and elastic modulus.

  (5) surface decoration performance. Under normal circumstances, the surface decoration performance refers to its finishing, stickers, sculpture, coloring, hot, baked and other decorative feasibility.

  2, structure

  Structure refers to the Hotel Furniture used by the material and components of a certain combination and connection, it is based on a certain use of the function of a structural system. It includes the internal structure of Hotel Furniture and external structure, the internal structure refers to a combination of Hotel Furniture parts, it depends on the material changes and the development of science and technology. Such as metal Hotel Furniture, plastic Hotel Furniture, rattan Hotel Furniture, wood Hotel Furniture, etc. have their own structural characteristics.

  In addition, the external structure of the Hotel Furniture directly with the user contact, it is a direct reflection of the appearance of the shape, so the scale, proportion and shape must be compatible with the user. Such as the height of the seat, the depth of the back of the appropriate angle of the chair can lift the human fatigue; and storage of Hotel Furniture in the convenience of access to items under the premise of the items to be stored with the scale of the appropriate. According to the requirements of the design of the external structure, but also for the aesthetic requirements of Hotel Furniture laid the foundation.

  3, appearance form

  The appearance of the Hotel Furniture directly in front of the user, it is the function and structure of the intuitive performance. The appearance of Hotel Furniture blends on its structure, especially the external structure. But there is no correspondence between appearance and structure, and different forms of appearance can be expressed in the same structure. Appearance of the existence of a large degree of freedom, the combination of space with considerable selectivity, such as the basic structure of the dresser are the same, but the appearance of the form is mix and match.

  The appearance of Hotel Furniture as a function of the external performance, but also has the cognitive function, therefore, with information transmission and symbolic meaning; also play its aesthetic function, resulting in a certain atmosphere of the atmosphere, the formation of a certain artistic effect, giving the United States to enjoy The

  4, function

  Any piece of Hotel Furniture is designed for a certain purpose. So the function constitutes the center of the Hotel Furniture, is the guide, is to promote the development of Hotel Furniture power. In the Hotel Furniture design, the first from the functional point of view, the design of the object analysis, which to determine the material structure and appearance of the form.

  In general, the function of Hotel Furniture products can be divided into four areas, namely, technical functions, economic functions, the use of functional and aesthetic functions.