Display Counter Introduction And Classification

Presentation and classification of Display Counter

A cabinet that is specifically designed for display of goods, samples, products, or other shelves that require display. Many varieties, very versatile, where there are human activities, can see a variety of Display Counter. Usually in every supermarket or store will have to see the kind of simple, commonly known as shelves. From the literal understanding, Display Counter is listed out of the goods, fancy can be taken away. And Display Counter there are some differences, that is, Display Counter from the literal understanding, that is, display samples, consumers fancy samples, the general can not take the sample away. In fact, in daily life, the connotation of these two names is almost the same.

Extremely wide, for example, mainly applicable to education, medical, and other institutions of the results or material display.

Display Counter classification

Display Counter classification is too much trouble, because too fine, involving all walks of life. I am here to provide a Chinese classification method. In accordance with the functional classification, Display Counter is undoubtedly have a series of functions. injection:

1, shelves: known as shelves. Is just a display of goods. No light boxes, can not be used as brand promotion, or reflect the simple brand of goods containers. For example, supermarkets placed leisure food, stationery and the like are more of this kind of shelves. This Display Counter is simple and versatile.

2, Display Counter: commonly known Display Counter. This is a kind of light box, with the display of goods and corporate image publicity shelves. In the supermarket can see some brands will use some of their own business logo with the Display Counter. This Display Counter is generally not complicated, because with the corporate brand advertising color and pattern, so although very common, but they are not common to each other.

3, freezer, fresh cabinet: known as freezer, fresh cabinet. Is a Display Counter with frozen and refrigerated features that Display Counter special products that require temperature, such as milk, frozen food, ice cream, ice cream, drinks and more. The production of this Display Counter requires a strong professional and technical, generally only a professional factory to do this Display Counter. As the Display Counter variety, can not be introduced one by one, the following simple talk about the characteristics of ice cream Display Counter.