Custom Furniturepros And Cons

It is not easy to evaluate "custom furniture" in one sentence, but first of all need to be clear that the cost of customization is high. And this high cost includes two aspects: 1. spend more money. 2. bear greater risk. But the corresponding, there may be a chance to get consistent with their own habits and aesthetic habits of the results.

The advantages of a custom furniture

1. Design freedom is high, size and limited

There is no doubt that custom furniture can almost complete your requirements for any size and shape, material.

2. Strong autonomy

Able to monitor the use of materials to control the quality of the production process, so custom furniture is usually more durable.

3. Depending on the application, you can change the design pattern

For example, often do the case of custom furniture is the design of children's room. Usually children room space is not, through the integration of the integration of the bed and the desk can save a lot of space, the whole room is also very strong overall.

4. The use of materials, the use of color is more flexible

For example, I would like to have such a changing desk + bookcase model, let it become a heavy home, but also very recommended custom furniture.

5. Do not use your own hands

In view of the growing number of finished furniture is also the need for users to start their own hands, which is actually save their own things but busy designers.

6. The world is unique, highlight the personality

Of course, there may be a designer map to save a thing, this is not too mind.

The disadvantages of custom furniture are as follows

1. really make it before you hard to grasp what it looks like in the end

Because there is no finished product without a template, all depends on the designer's drawings and experience, so that the high risk is the meaning of this.

2. The price is high

Think of your furniture needs designer sketches, construction plans, live cutting board, looking for the right hardware ... ... could have been able to brush in the factory to complete the work, once the custom may need two skilled workers busy week, plus design Division coordination. Usually consider the custom price will be more than double the price of finished products.

3. Detailed design limitations

Very responsible to say that the details of custom furniture is usually less than the finished product. Many reasons, on the one hand the designer energy is limited, the details of the design for the furniture is absolutely less than the product designer. On the other hand the site of the construction accuracy is far less than the modern factory.

4. Design production takes time, can not start instantly.