Custom Furniture You Can Not Understand These Basic Data

Many times, when we customize the furniture, the designer mentions something like this: "The height of the cabinet is 800mm, according to ergonomics, which is the most comfortable and most in line with the height of human activities.

Ergonomics, in fact, adhere to the "people-oriented" design principles. For a more secure, active, comfortable and efficient domination of life, the designers have a set of furniture design base size, these sizes is based on the basic parameters of the body and the formation of a default standard data. If we understand these data, it is more convenient for us to buy the ideal furniture.

1. Ward up about 600mm

This data is based on the width of the human shoulder to determine the body shoulder width is generally not more than 600mm, so deep into the design, clothes hanging in the closet, will not touch the door, note that if the shift closet, due to reserved rail installation control , Into the depth will be appropriate to increase some.

2. Cabinet depth between 550-600mm

As the frequency of women under the kitchen, so the cabinet size is more reference to the use of women's habits, hanging cabinet into the depth of about 350mm, the cabinet into the deep between 550-600mm, hanging cabinet and the distance between the cabinet 600mm, Cabinet height of 850mm or so.

3. Shoe depth of 300mm or more

In the case of not considering the oblique baffle shoe, the depth of the shoe in the 300-400mm between, which is taking into account some people used to buy shoes do not lose the case of shoes, in addition, the height of the shoe should not exceed 800mm.

4. Bookcase height of not less than 300mm

In the case of not using the ladder, the overall height of the bookcase design in 2200mm or so, into the depth of about 300mm, in general, bookcase height of not less than 280mm, is based on the height of 16 books. In fact, 32 books, layers in the 240-260mm, 16 books, layers in the 280-300mm, large size books, layers between 320-350mm.

5. The table height is around 750mm

The average height of the dining table is about 750mm, the size of the desktop can be customized according to actual needs. The height of the chair is generally about 450mm, width of 400 ~ 560mm range, the back height of 650 ~ 1000mm. Dining table and dining chair seat height difference is generally between 280 ~ 320mm, such a height difference is most suitable for eating when sitting.

6. The standard size of the bed is 1800mm × 2000mm

According to the size of the division, the bed is generally divided into single bed, double bed, bed and custom bed. According to the standard size, the standard size of single bed is 1200 × 2000mm or 900mm × 2000mm; double bed standard size is 1500mm × 2000mm; bed size is 1800mm × 2000mm.

Each of us want to have a comfortable home, so if the special needs in the custom, you can communicate with the designer coordination, the size of the furniture to make appropriate adjustments Oh!