Custom Furniture Process

Custom furniture process:

1 lofting

Whether you are a custom wardrobe or TV cabinet, or wine cabinet, each piece of furniture products before the production must be put out before leaving the sample, but the lofting is generally used only to do the shape of the furniture structure.

2 election materials open material

In general, furniture factory selection is carried out in accordance with the following criteria:

①, wood texture beautiful texture, moderate weight, Custom furniture good toughness is better;

②, pay attention to the quality of wood, remove the dead section, burst, black, mold and tree core and other defects, reflecting the good material level.

After the arrangement is to open the material, each product is in accordance with the size of the drawings to open a good material, Custom furniture and a good product to get the first carpenter workshop first began to produce.

3 carpentry

Woodworking is actually a part of the product from the good hair pieces made into the drawings required by the shape and size of a process.

4 paint

Paint this step for the furniture to do the effect of the effect is essential, the surface of the smoothness, Custom furniture brightness determines the beauty of the furniture. However, a good furniture brand, environmentally friendly products in the paint is strictly required, and even use other technology or material to make up.

5 palpable cloth

Sofa chair or other products that require palpable cloth, after the paint is finished, it is necessary to start the process, Custom furniture the process is probably cut cloth / cut sponge - spray glue - palpable cloth, first of all to the fabric and sponge are cut, sponge Good after the furniture should be placed above the ratio, there are radians to curvature out, and then fixed on the furniture just fine, and then sprayed the glue after the pampered cloth just fine, Cloth buckle and crystal buckle and so on.

6 installation and packaging

After all the products are completed, it is necessary to install some accessories, etc., and the finished product is also completed. Custom furniture Product packaging for the protection of the product is also essential, generally have to use a good piece of pearl bags of furniture and then re-use of paper for packaging, and then all the tape sealed, and then nail wood protection.