Custom Furniture Practical Application And Benefits

Furniture is the furniture business on the basis of large-scale production, each consumer will be regarded as a separate market segments, consumers according to their own requirements to design the desired furniture, enterprises according to consumer design requirements To create a personal exclusive furniture.

Custom furniture in the domestic furniture market, many businesses advocate solid wood furniture is the framework of solid wood furniture, such as table, door, side panels, partitions, floor, etc. may be wood-based panels, consumers need special attention! Custom furniture is famous for customization, and can be customized according to the size of the house area, design layout, etc. to customize the furniture.

Custom furniture benefits more

1, custom furniture will not be repeated construction

The size of the bed is how much; both sides of the bedside table placed lamp, the socket line to stay no better; TV closed the way the right position; indoor light switch is not left two, many seemingly not a big deal, do not pay attention to easy to repeat the construction The The industry described the embarrassment of a consumer experience, the owner of the decoration after the end of construction, in another home shopping malls found a very suitable for their own furniture, decided to none other than this furniture. However, the furniture installation workers to the owners and found that furniture can not be too much room, can not be broken under the wall, repeated construction is inevitable. In the case of

2, custom furniture can save accounting

Most of the owners have been decorated over the cost of excessive doubt, which is mainly early program ill. Look at the cost of furniture, how much cost, and then based on the selected furniture, matching the top, wall, ground raw materials and color, and ultimately determine the construction costs, just consider the whole, such a small income accounting. More importantly, the program is a good set of programs, it will not attack the interior space disharmony, repeat the cost of repeated construction costs.

3, custom furniture planning more reasonable

To know that the furniture is the protagonist of the room space, is the soul, not only to match the personality, the space share is particularly important, room space space without the feeling of home, too small and very congested, reasonable share of space to make home more warm. According to industry insiders, many owners have the first design to buy furniture, often in the design of the furniture to the reserved space there is doubt, after moving the furniture was found, the deployment of space is not in place and leave the irreparable decoration regret The So, read the furniture or selected furniture, and then please designer design, do not give the decoration to regret.

Custom furniture practical application

Furniture store store business three major disadvantages: 1. operating the same product, select the project less; 2. into the store less customers, and other customers operating time and labor; 3. can not retain customers, the final turnover rate is low. These troubles plagued many furniture store operators. Careful operators will soon find the crux of the problem, such as custom furniture industry, some representative brands, early with the overall wardrobe to seize the market share, to the overall wardrobe into the mature period, decisive transition for the whole house furniture custom, Is the whole house furniture customization of this integrated marketing model than the overall wardrobe more personalized and differentiated. To the product mix and match the attitude of the market competition is undoubtedly more combat effectiveness. In the process of transformation, enterprises using personalized digital design services and supporting space furniture products bundled from the model display to the staff to improve the overall staff of the affinity, sales force and appeal.

In the domestic custom furniture industry, the dimension is the earliest use of wardrobe sales forecast software, order management software, bar code production control system software furniture business, is China's information technology application demonstration business, this business ideas for them to win high gold content Brand differentiation of ideological resources and high credibility of the social reputation of the resources, resulting in an excellent brand association effect.