Custom Furniture PK Woodworking Furniture Which Is Better?

  Custom furniture PK woodworking furniture which is better?

  There are two ways to order furniture, Custom furniture one for the woodworking site to fight, and the other for customization custom furniture factory custom. Is it good for factory customization or woodworking? Or is it good to buy finished furniture?

  Use material

  In addition to a small number of high-end solid wood furniture custom, the vast majority of custom furniture manufacturers generally use particleboard, MDF and multi-layer board as a substrate to customize the furniture, and woodworking site to play a common use of ecological board, finger board.

  Why do we do not use solid wood pellets? In the eyes of carpentry, solid wood particles board is slag residue, poor is, out of grade. Custom furniture Why a lot of decoration carpentry to say so? Because their manual machinery can not use solid wood particles board to fight the cabinet! A saw board down the board on the edge of the explosion, the board a burst edge, and waste, and woodworking board, finger plate, manual mechanical operation, at least not burst edge, good sawing effect is the next to have a good edge key.

  Furniture edge

  Woodworking furniture: This is a wooden wardrobe forever pain, can not be a perfect solution, not only the surface of the impact of beautiful, Custom furniture but not fit, environmental worries.

  Custom furniture: This is the strength of the machine cabinet, super pressure with the German environmental glue can achieve a very beautiful effect, the edge of the texture and rich color, with the cabinet integration. More beautiful and environmentally friendly.


  Woodworking furniture: the scene to fight furniture, even if you can see the sample, but your home made the furniture process accuracy may not be a grade. Because the field production entirely depends on the carpentry craftsmanship.

  Custom furniture: factory production, due to the requirements of a certain capacity and processing quality, are generally used to complete the production of large machinery. Therefore, the product of high precision, Custom furniture good margin and good combination of beautiful, high installation accuracy.

  Environmental issues

  Woodworking furniture: the production of furniture, the use of woodworking board within the large number of use of urea aldehyde glue, formaldehyde content is higher, because of its product structure is glue plus nails, processing also requires a lot of glue, most of the glue used in formaldehyde, Playing the furniture is not environmentally friendly, especially when the presence of the owners, in order to show that no cut corners, the scene to fight something strong, you may also say to you "give you more glue", do not know this out of the furniture formaldehyde content More on a grade.

  Custom furniture: As the state of the artificial board products have mandatory environmental standards, the national standard to achieve E1 level, but the environmental protection of furniture is not only limited to the requirements of environmental protection sheet. Such as sheet to achieve E1 level, but in the second veneer processing, sealing glue problems such as no control is good, will still cause excessive formaldehyde furniture. Some of the faster update manufacturers generally use the EO-class plate, the edge of the glue is also used to plant as the raw material of starch gel to control and ensure the total release of formaldehyde.

  Finished product moving

  Woodworking furniture: generally fixed with round nails, can not be broken, because the demolition will lead to the destruction of the cabinet and the back of the board, affecting the re-use of the cabinet.

  Custom furniture: most of the fastener with a fixed, removable, in the face of the size of the demolition environment does not match, Custom furniture you can take some local board, fill plate, etc. to local adjustment.

  Site management: factory custom does not exist on-site production of the problem, only the basic completion of the decoration can be installed directly. As is the use of special connections to connect, and now the installation is relatively simple and quick. And custom furniture also has an advantage is removable, scalable features and increase or decrease the configuration.

  Finished product after sale

  Woodworking furniture: most of the decoration team is generally installed no visible silhouette, the basic no sale, the decoration company will generally after-sales service, Custom furniturebut most can not be timely.

  Custom furniture: generally in the warranty period is still more secure, but the time also need the cycle, usually within 48 hours.