Custom Furniture Must Clarify These Questions

  Custom furniture must clarify these questions

  Personalized custom trend is increasingly popular, so that people's thinking is not limited to the purchase of finished furniture, more and more people like tailored furniture. Custom furniture is good, but not all of the furniture should be customized, for the decoration of the white into the blind pursuit of the new custom furniture to see the effect, ignoring the practical application and follow-up maintenance and other issues. Admit these questions, and then home customization, you can spend a lot of desire money!

  One, all furniture need to order it?

  Not all furniture can be customized, custom products are mainly aimed at solving some of the more difficult to use space, the storage needs of more personal, size and standard fixed size of different users, a typical example is the wardrobe / cloakroom. Only custom furniture, in order to better block the beam, better use of high space.

  For those furniture that are not sensitive to the space scale, such as sofas, coffee tables, chairs, and those that are relatively fixed in size and differ in size, such as beds and tables, the finished product is a better choice. Finished furniture Because of the same style with the same specifications with the product, the factory can mass production, in raw material costs, process costs, product control costs and the cost of the latter part of the installation, compared to the relative cost of custom furniture is lower.

  Second, the custom furniture the sooner the better, the more the better?

  In general, the designer will recommend the owners in most of the renovation is completed after the decision to customize the choice of furniture, and some users in order to speed up the process, often after the completion of the hard work to customize the product, but the actual decoration of the overall style of furniture Selection is very important, so it is best to customize the furniture before the completion of the basic overall decoration.

  Whether it is small units or large units, storage function is essential, home live, there are always put things, installed in the cabinet than on the outside to be clean, but the cabinet is not the more the better, one The simple and refreshing bedroom, full of Dangdang all cabinet, and even for the cabinet, even the bed had to choose 1 m 5, which is affecting the quality of life of life.

  Custom furniture, enough to like, storage, harmony should also be rational, believe that their vision and the professional degree of the designer, do not "too exaggerated."

  Third, you only ask, the designer is responsible for get?

  First of all here to remind you that 3D effect ≠ actual effect, will be subject to the actual situation such as the actual situation of the room limit, the actual construction do not have to force the effect of the exhibition hall, the most important or suitable for their own house.

  If you need to customize the furniture, but also as far as possible to participate in the design, so as to ensure that the application of furniture and practical. Of course, we must pay attention to that, not everyone needs are reasonable, but also listen to the views of designers. In short, in the process of communicating with the designer, not only to indicate their aesthetic orientation, but should take into account more practical needs.

  4, custom furniture design is good, completely to the manufacturers?

  We do not think that custom furniture is omnipotent, it is only a part of the whole decoration, it can not exist independently, with the walls, walls, top, ground, baseboard, door, door sets, etc. all the items Match. Therefore, in order to complete the renovation and the final presentation of the quality, be sure to base equipment in the process, the strict requirements of all types of work, at least horizontal and vertical, yin and yang ninety. In addition, the hydropower renovation project, the best at any time to take pictures, record the location of the pipeline, to the node and so on. If there is a new wall, be sure to confirm the material of the wall, the original wall, should be to the developer / property consultation wall structure, material, load capacity, etc., to ensure that there is sufficient strength to fix the hanging cabinet, Plate and so on.

  Customized furniture in addition to meet the user's personalized, high-value fashion pursuit, in fact, more important to effectively solve the apartment space utilization, in order to buy the right home for the use of furniture, the pursuit of private furniture Of the time or have to pay attention to the above mentioned issues, choose a good custom furniture packages, buy their own custom furniture.