Custom Furniture Misunderstanding Summary

  Custom Furniture misunderstanding summary

  Home is a warm haven, the harmony between man and the furniture is the appeal of every owner of the furniture. Solid wood furniture on the market brand is very numerous, but a considerable number of brand furniture manufacturing enterprises due to the pursuit of profit and production, blind occupation of the city, and the use of automatic water production, because the automatic flow of water production, so the specifications and appearance of a single , And automatic water production in the production process can not meet the people's pursuit of beauty. And the traditional tenon structure and uncompromising handmade craft in some ways is the machine can not replace, so now more and more owners in the decoration will choose custom furniture wardrobe, but the current market variety True and false "solid wood furniture," a lot, how to choose a problem. Custom furniture products can meet the diverse needs of people, but because many aspects are not standardized, once the problem of the interests of consumers often can not be guaranteed. Therefore, consumers in the choice of customized products, can not blindly pursue the personality and ignore the custom furniture product quality, standards and other requirements.

  1. home decoration effect can be copied: for the whole solid wood furniture, most consumers do not notice that they are buying an intangible product, blindly think that the effect of the exhibition hall moved to their own homes, will see the kind of effect, and Did not realize that due to the size of the room, the height of the height and the size of doors and windows, will affect the furniture layout and style selection. Usually, consumers will only consider the size of custom furniture and color fit, as to the real impact of the aesthetic relationship between the proportion of very little consideration. Because this ratio is not only involved in the size of the color also involves decoration, electrical appliances, lighting, curtains and other details of the design, Custom Furniture this design is not the average person to complete, but the need for a set of architectural design, interior design, furniture design A designer can complete.

  2, according to the living room area to determine custom furniture products: custom products must first meet the daily needs of family members living needs. In the choice of custom furniture, should be based on the number and circumstances of family members to determine the type and size of the product. Custom Furniture If the house area is limited, furniture customization should be space-saving choice for the owner of the wardrobe, cabinets and other products in the shape should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small.

  3. Custom furniture products and decoration style should be unified: a lot of people are complaining about custom furniture, put home and feel the home decoration style does not tune. In this regard, Shenzhen Wood House furniture designer Zhang Lei suggested that the home custom furniture style, before the decoration should be determined down. Refurbished re-custom furniture, often can not be unified style.

  4. only look at the furniture in the exhibition room In fact, the design of the exhibition hall is usually a furniture company spent heavily to ask the famous designer to carefully build, and this designer usually do not serve the actual customer service; the other exhibition hall and the actual Family housing is not the same, Custom Furniture it has no functional restrictions, there is no limit on the layout of the layout interval can be arbitrarily adjusted, the design of the difficulty greatly reduced, so easy to effect.

  5. The whole furniture is furniture customization: the real overall furniture provider, should first provide a holistic home design program, and in the construction process to monitor the implementation details of the above design and then provide Custom Furniture services. The overall furniture, including custom, including not only a simple wardrobe, bookcases, etc., but also includes all the varieties of furniture, including bed, the combination of decorative cabinets, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, cabinets, interior doors and so on. As the saying goes, "not afraid not know what goods, afraid of goods than the goods." I believe that smart consumers under the guidance of the above four principles, Custom Furniture we must be out of the choice of the overall custom furniture errors.