Custom Furniture And Finished Furniture Comparison

  Custom furniture and finished furniture comparison

  Style is the biggest feature of finished furniture, but also its "fatal" shortcomings, easily lead to unreasonable use of space. Such as finished wardrobe, the usual height of 2.1 to 2.2 meters, from the roof there are nearly 40 to 60 cm, this part of the space there is unreasonable waste. And the use of sliding doors of the large wardrobe, the door changes are very few, mostly for the MDF, which can be seen from the frame material, basically 5 mm aluminum alloy bar, which also restricts its changes.

  Custom furniture is the biggest advantage of the full and reasonable use of effective space, design more humane. It can be designed according to the needs of the user, or drawer, or more partitions, but also can be added in advance to any size of the basket, these advantages make it holistic, more arbitrary. Custom furniture border thickness from 8 mm to 10 mm range, card slot thickness increases, to ensure that its doors can have a variety of styles, can be inlaid glass, aluminum alloy, with pattern of glass, With a mirror, a variety of styles, free selection.

  From the price terms, the price of finished plate furniture to pieces of the calculation, the price mostly in five or six thousand yuan to seven or eight thousand dollars, if you do custom furniture, the general price to the board practical area, which depends on the design of the cabinet And what parts are included. Custom furniture prices are calculated in square meters, according to the number of materials used to calculate. Obviously the concept of consumption in vain.