Custom Furniture 5 Common Errors And Solutions

Custom furniture 5 common errors and solutions

How do I choose custom furniture? Most of the entire process of custom furniture is done by professional designers, workers, and factory professional equipment. For the owners, the professional things to the professional people to do, reducing the site construction, saving the decoration time to ensure that the furniture quality, but also more after-sale protection. But we are also customary furniture, there are some misunderstanding, a small solid will also sort out some of this, hoping to help everyone.

Misunderstanding 1: custom so good, it simply all the furniture to customize.

First of all, custom furniture to solve some of the more stringent use of space, the storage requirements of more personalized, non-standard fixed size of the furniture requirements, a typical example is the wardrobe / cloakroom. Only custom furniture, in order to better block the beam and column, the better use of high space.

Second, custom furniture, although named custom, but also not how to do it on how to do it. In fact, custom furniture is similar to building blocks, the product is difficult to escape the factory has been the process and the existing shape of the shackles, such as custom-made a European-style wardrobe, selection of quality + election color + election door shape + line selection + + Election other decoration + election cabinet space use program + election hardware accessories, basically the entire wardrobe came out.

Conclusion: the use of space and storage requirements of the high, the proposed choice of custom. For example: cabinets, wardrobe cloakroom, shoe cabinet entrance cabinet, the whole wall of the bookcase, tatami, bay window ... ...

On the design and style requirements of high, space-sensitive fixed size, the proposed selection of finished furniture. For example: sofa, chair, coffee table, desk and so on. Of course, taking into account the uniform style of the problem, the current top solid house custom has also been launched with the whole house custom furniture style match the family product series, please pay attention to Oh!

Misunderstanding 2: manufacturers are professional, to give them well, I do not have any control.

Attention to see the level, vertical, wall quality of several words, it is important. The so-called poor milliseconds absurd, in the installation of all the time out. Such as a negative angle, if the angle is not just 90 degrees, then the cabinet in the installation of the time, it can not close the wall flat, side of the board and the wall will be between the great gap.

Perhaps you think the gap does not matter, most is not very nice, with a side panels can be blocked. What if it is a hanging cabinet with an expansion screw or a hanging code? The gap means that the bulge can not be fully fit, the force is very unstable, there is a big security risk.

There are wall problems. Now a lot of home for more storage space, will arrange some hanging cabinet. The installation of the hanging cabinet is to rely on the wall to fix, the most common way is to play the root of the expansion. However, many home to change the water when the wall slotted buried pipe, as well as developers buried pipeline, which left the installation of the hanging cabinet left a huge hidden danger - in case of inflatable hammer fight Bad line, this is not casually can handle. There are some wall with a hollow brick, do not have the ability to load, even if the barely loaded up, it is difficult to ensure that the future long-term use no problem. As for the gypsum board structure of the lightweight partition, woodworking board cut off this, the outside looks like a wall, but can only hang up a TV, the cabinet is awake.

Conclusion: Please do not think that custom furniture is omnipotent, it is only a part of your entire decoration only, it can not exist in isolation, with the walls, walls, top, ground, baseboard, doors, Wait for all the items to match. So, for your entire renovation of the degree of completion and the final presentation of the quality, be sure to base equipment in the process, the strict requirements of the various types of work, at least horizontal and vertical, yin and yang ninety. In addition, the hydropower renovation project, it is best to take pictures at any time, record the location of the pipeline, to the node and so on.

There is a more important point is that if there is a new wall, be sure to confirm the material of the wall, the original wall, should be to the developer / property consultation wall structure, material, load capacity, etc., to ensure that there are enough Strength used to fix the hanging cabinet, shelves and so on.

Misunderstanding 3: custom furniture design is too professional, I do not understand, let the designer to do.

The so-called custom home, is the need for owners to demand and advice to facilitate the designer tailored for the owners. Usually in the custom furniture before the official contract, will arrange a meeting with the designer, please do not miss this opportunity. First in your mind to sort out your custom needs, how many clothes you have, pants, shoes, books, etc., were used to how to place, how to access, and then must be described in detail with him, it is not, your own hand A sketch can be, the designer can understand.

After the designer will do a good job, give you see, then please carefully review, do not let any one detail. All the questions, you should ask the designer, listen to how he explained, also listen to how he will design your needs in the program. In short, a word, not satisfied, let him continue to change, changed to satisfaction so far.

There may be some do not really understand, such as corner design, you can ask the designer out of a three-dimensional effect of the map, do not need too complicated to express the structure in the three-dimensional space on the line.

Conclusion: At present, if you want to customize the furniture, please try to participate in the design, so as to ensure the application of furniture and practical. Of course, also pay attention to that, not what you need is reasonable and appropriate, you have to listen to the views of designers - some beyond the technical scope of things, can not be achieved.

Misunderstanding 4: custom, then put all the space can be used to do full cabinet.

Admittedly, there is enough room for admission is a good thing, after all, live at home, there will always be a lot of things to put. However, crowded and moving cramped, but it is contrary to the intention of custom furniture. Imagine a simple and refreshing bedroom, full of Dangdang all cabinet, and even for the cupboard, even the bed had to choose 1 m 5, which is very affect the quality of life of life.

Secondly, most of the custom furniture are solid furniture, installed it is difficult to remove. If the house in order to re-decorate, or to adjust the function of the room to do, it will be very painful - and according to the specific space scale design of the cabinet alone, placed in another space, there may be no less than Not suitable for the problem.

Conclusion: custom furniture, enough to use, storage should be rational, a lot of people at home to do a separate locker, which put the results are worthless, and will not come up with the old thing. This is a concept of the problem - you think about how much money a square meter of housing prices, and a two meters wide, half a meter deep into the cabinet (the size of the four cabinet), the ground area accounted for a square ... ... there is no need in all directions All the cabinet, there is a storage demand, put a finished cabinet and the like, but more convenient and flexible.

Misunderstanding 5: Since it can be customized, then the color and style made exactly the same.

In fact, with the color of the furniture, the general designer will give the appropriate comments and suggestions, the color needs of the level and transition, style need to echo and match, do not think that made exactly the same is good. Forced the same color, but easy to have a sense of oppression.