Coffee Shop DecorDesign Attention To The Problem

"Coffee" is now more and more people like to drink, and coffee people not only enjoy the taste of coffee, coffee is more of the kind of unique atmosphere attracted, so the coffee shop decoration designers pay great attention to To create a coffee atmosphere, and cafe design style is also more and more, at present, the design style of the cafe is divided into several categories, there are fashion class, leisure class, there are humanities, and each style will have different Atmosphere, coffee shop decoration design attention is also a lot of problems, and now we take a look at the style of coffee shop decoration design, we should pay attention to the problem.

  Gorgeous rattan chair, giving a casual feeling, the color of the cafe is more conspicuous, outside is a row of glass walls, you can see the outside world in the coffee shop, about a few friends in such an environment to drink Coffee, chatting, life is not comfortable.

  In the humanities class cafes are very enjoyable, you can drink coffee while listening to music, black can bring their own books quiet place slowly compensated, quaint not floor, wood screen, red Wood flooring, in such an environment, enjoy is a calm state of mind, Chun servant and nostalgic feelings. No hustle and bustle, only calm, only a touch of soft music lights. Slowly enjoying the coffee.

  White is always one of the elements of fashion, fashionable cafe is also inseparable from the white, simple and generous, in such a coffee shop is very popular, especially office workers, they can enjoy the coffee while cooking a variety of The flavor of the Chinese and Western simple meals, in such an environment is not just to taste the coffee, and more importantly to enjoy the delicious package, in the brown floor, surrounded by milky white, strong coffee aroma echoed in the morning air, which is a Comfortable, petty bourgeoisie feeling.

  The main points of the cafe decoration design

  A variety of styles of cafe design has a different consumer groups, have a different atmosphere, in different cafes, feel different kind of elegant life.

  At present in the cafe design decoration includes the following three design elements:

  First, the cafe decoration should pay attention to the lighting effect of the design

  Lighting effect is lighting effects, lighting effects have two aspects of the role of lighting and decoration. The design of the coffee shop is the most attention to the design of light, good lighting design can often create a warm and harmonious atmosphere, so that the atmosphere of coffee and the surrounding environment perfect combination. Different lights can create a different environment, such as light dark cafe is ancient and mysterious, and warm color effect can create a romantic warm feeling, bright lights seem to have modern colors. Designed to emphasize the contrast between light color and background, spotlights hit the decorative objects, but also make the coffee brand more three-dimensional sense.

  Second, the appearance of the cafe door decoration design

  Cafe excellent door design can often attract a large number of guests in front of your door to stop, good design can guide the guests line of sight, causing people to explore the desire and interest. So the personality of the door design is particularly important, in fact, the role of the cafe door is to guide and attract customers. General large cafe door can be placed in the central, small cafe placed on both sides, because the small coffee shop shop is small, a direct impact on the actual use of the store area, the shop nowhere to enter the door also caused inconvenience. Shop should be open bright, bright, smooth, before and after the echo, only favorable business. Combined with the design of the hall, but also should consider the factors outside the shop, is the level or slope; there is no shelter, IPL conditions, ambient noise and sun exposure and other factors, as far as possible favorable business, for the sake of the guests.

  Third, the coffee shop decoration to create a good atmosphere is very important

  In fact, many people come to the cafe most of the ulterior motives, but to find some of their good friends come to talk, of course, if the store can do a good cup of coffee it is better, so the coffee shop decoration Must pay attention to be able to create a comfortable, relaxed, elegant, romantic atmosphere, such as some of the wall decoration, or a painting, or a fine ornaments can create a good atmosphere. Therefore, it is very important for the customer to feel the atmosphere in the cafe decoration design.

  Common style of cafe

  Because of the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, making coffee this exotic consumption in China is growing; we know that when the war to do know yourself know that the same is the only decoration of the coffee shop is the only way to do more decoration will do more Comprehensive, then what is the style of cafe decoration design more popular?

  First, the modern minimalist style in today's catharsis and cumbersome life popular young people love, in the pursuit of design when the pursuit of an era of the characteristics of color to bright jump, facade to be simple and smooth, no excessive decoration, Everything from the function, pay attention to practical; to be full of vitality.

  Second, the classical style of the cafe decoration, the pursuit of the ancient Western culture is mainly decorated when the Western elegance is characterized by classical; classical style show is generally through the building to show, this style popular Now now middle-aged pursuit.

  Third, the design of modernist style decoration, interior decoration items to be symbolic or metaphorical; the main thing is to integrate the existing environment. Cafe design atmosphere is the most important, so in the decoration design regardless of where we are located in that crowd; we should pay attention to the choice of decoration style.

  Summary: In the interior design of the cafe, in addition to grasp the design of the cafe design principles and the necessary coffee shop decoration technology, but also as much as possible into the more business elements, including the layout, lighting design, decorative design, and overall The decoration.