Coffee Shop Decor People Have An Unforgettable Feeling Is Important

Now people not only work hard for all day, they are more and more for the enjoyment of life, and many people will choose to go to the coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee, there are a lot of business people will choose to go to coffee Hall, in such an environment, to make their own body to get better relaxation, mainly because the cafe decoration effect can give a good feeling, the following is to introduce you to the cafe wall decoration style? What is the skill of the cafe wall decoration?

What style does the cafe wall decorate?

1, more elegant nostalgia I use the wallpaper (old newspaper pattern), and then in the wall on the irregular paste some yellowed photos.

2, more romantic · for young people's coffee shop · more memorable. The color is more romantic and romantic, there is a theme wall similar to the love message wall, but better to save the writing, some small deck of the wall is affixed to the overall murals ... (find some beautiful romantic pictures, similar to non-mainstream The bar). Make it more delicious

3, not much to say · more alternative · wall to do the old treatment · exposed cement red brick · part of the wall with bronze decorated a lot of old iron and some metal objects.

What is the skill of the cafe wall decoration?

1: Cafe lighting effect

General store neon lights, is a good effect on behalf of light. Cafe light is certainly not limited to neon lights, the use of light is the first to guide customers to enter, in the appropriate light to taste coffee. Therefore, the total brightness of the light is lower than the surroundings to show the characteristics of the cafe, so that the coffee shop to form an elegant leisure environment, so that customers can follow the lights into the warm coffee shop. If the light is too bleak, will make the cafe show a dull feeling, is not conducive to customers taste coffee.

2, light used to attract customers attention to coffee

Light dark bar, coffee may seem old and mysterious attraction. Coffee products, has always been brown-based, dark, darker color of coffee, will absorb more light, so if the use of more soft fluorescent light, the atmosphere of the entire cafe will be comfortable. General interior design, color tones with bright colors, lighting better, but not to say that dark background is not good, sometimes in order to actually need to emphasize the comparison of light color and background, while the other cast Light on the coffee maker, the coffee brand can be more prominent or three-dimensional sense.

3, pay attention to lighting

Lighting, there are pure lighting or doubles as decoration, in the device, in general, light-colored walls, such as white, beige, can reflect a lot of light, up to 90%; and dark background, such as dark blue, deep Green, brown, can only reflect 5-10% light.

Just read the above text on the cafe wall decoration style? Cafe wall decoration what skills after the introduction, presumably a lot of people should know the way the decoration of the cafe, in fact, if you want to make their own business shop Getting better and better, then the style of decoration is a must, can make people have an unforgettable feeling is important, so for the design of the coffee shop can ask a professional designer.