Coffee Shop Decor Choose For Your Own

Many friends admire the situation in the TV shop in the coffee shop, then we know that the coffee shop decoration personality which have it? Originally coffee shop is a lot of people will rest to the rest of the place, then the following for us to introduce the coffee shop for the decoration of the information it ~!

At present, the cafe's planning personality is divided into several categories, there are fashionable class, leisure class, there are classes, and each personality will have different air, coffee shop decoration planning to pay attention to the question is also very much, and now we Look up the coffee shop decoration planning personalized air, to pay attention to the question.

1. literary style

Before the decoration, the first thing to think about is the coffee from the investment group is what kind of group, if it is relatively high, the price is relatively high coffee, then the decoration of the environment on the request to be fashionable. If the primary group is young, then you can use leisure personality. If the cafe's intention is to create a literary environment for the consumer's leisure environment, and the address is not in the downtown, you can use the decoration of literary and artistic personality.

2. Style

It is very enjoyable in the cafe of class, and can enjoy music while we can enjoy music, and can bring bill of books in a quiet place gradually, and there is no floor, wooden screen, and red wood Floor, in such an environment, enjoy is a quiet state of mind, Chun servants and retro affair. No hustle and bustle, as long as calm, as long as a touch of soft music lights. Gradually enjoy the coffee.

3. casual style

Casual coffee shop is the big feature of the "leisure" features. According to Guangya decoration online decoration planners introduced, less in naming, site selection, decoration personality and drinks and other aspects to show. For example, some of the drinks on the store alone, deliberately a combination of a man and a woman spend, it is to attract lovers to patronize (for example, male consumers like coffee, then the woman will have some fruit, ice cream as a deployment). This is also a rational business practices.

4. simple and elegant

In general, the decoration of the cafe is based on the theme of the idea we spend to decorate, you can listen to music, can come for reading, but also for the movie. Guzhuo wooden floor, red hoods, and some wood furniture is its primary element. In such a coffee shop, enjoy a quiet state of mind, simple and retro affair. No hustle and bustle, as long as calm, as long as a touch of music and soft lights. If you pick the patrons or rely on trees in the window, it is a different kind of mood. , Which is the ideal decoration of the personality.

The above is the coffee shop decoration for the introduction, the original coffee shop decoration is also able to dividends are not the same varieties, there are fashionable, leisure class, and class, and each personality will have different air, if we are interested , Can be selected from a favorite personality for decoration!