Analysis On The Difference Between Hotel Furniture And Home Furniture

  Analysis on the Difference between Hotel Furniture and Home Furniture

  For the difference between hotel furniture and home furnishings is very familiar with the next to introduce the difference between them:

  First, the difference between the design concept

  Home furnishings have distinctive personal colors, depending on the preferences of the owner. Hotel furniture should also be based on the style of the hotel, although different hotel styles are different, but in the furniture design should have the characteristics of tastes. Because the consumption is to the north and north to the world and different countries of the guests, and therefore in the details of the furniture design should pay more attention to human nature, such as: square bedside cabinet as far as possible into a small rounded corners, to prevent guests accidentally hurt the head ; Some power control switch as far as possible on the people lying in bed can touch the place, the hotel supporting furniture desk or drawer with power outlet, computer cable outlet, the room is neat and clean, the guests use both safe and convenient ; High-star hotel Europe and the United States more guests, most of them tall, some of the height of the bed may also be appropriate to increase the sofa, chair is also true Hotel furniture lines require simple and clean, as little as possible with convex lines, easy to clean the waiter; home furniture technology can be considered more complex.

  Second, the difference between the material

  Hotel furniture than the use of home furniture damage to the guests at different levels, the concept of furniture care is also inconsistent, so the material requirements are very different:

  1, the hotel furniture suitable for use with high hardness, wear-resistant, anti-graded good decorative furniture, guest rooms coffee table, desk, etc., guests tend to smoke here, accidentally burn the furniture surface, the design should try to consider the table fire Performance, hotel supporting furniture available with fire performance of the finishes or glass; and home furniture generally do not need to consider this. Circle chair fabric to consider flame retardant, and home furnishings do not need to consider this.

  2, the hotel furniture, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better; and the hotel most of the bathroom with the room, by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes, etc., will cause furniture deformation, edge off, mildew, etc., affecting the appearance of furniture The image directly affects the occupancy rate of the hotel; while the home furniture is relatively low.