10 Hotel Furniture Layout Guidelines

A lot of them say, furniture layout is a knowledge, because the layout of furniture may affect the entire Feng shui pattern, for the life of work will have a certain impact, especially the layout of the hotel furniture is particularly important, the unlucky layout may affect the satisfaction of guests, but also may affect the hotel operating profit, So a 10 hotel furniture layout guidelines you have to believe.

1, stay in bed is too close to the glass windows, too near empty windows imply empty, there is frivolous intention, can not down-to-earth, may affect the work. And for high-rise buildings all over the city, too close to Windows, appear to have no privacy.

2, hotel suites furniture to avoid the use of uneven furniture, because the uneven meaning of disharmony, not calm, easy to quarrel with others to make quarrels.

3, hotel furniture must be neat and tidy, can not mess dirty, because neat and tidy can bring people comfortable mood, at the same time to promote personal mood, so good luck will come.

4, the individual hotel will be in the bedside mirror, appear trendy. But people in sleep when the gas can be weaker, this mirror on the head will reflect the body's energy, easy to produce dizziness, and wake up in the middle of the night to see their own shadow will frighten themselves.

5, there is also a bedside can not flowers, may invite rotten Peach blossom, committed peach blossom, especially for couples and couples of guests is particularly inappropriate, so the hotel in the time you have to pay attention.

6, the room to avoid the use of separate two or more windows, to use the whole window, because the use of a few pieces, the implication is not organized, there are differences, can not be unified.

7, on the Feng Shui metaphysics, the bed should be put in the center, the best place for South, followed by sitting west to east, avoid sitting east to west.

8, the bathroom in the room can not be used for this bed, the use of wardrobe to block, on the one hand can be shielded from moisture, but also to balance the layout of the room, so that people and the field are harmonious, conducive to people's emotional adjustment.

9, some hotel bed for the convenience of female guests will place the dresser, because women are yin, Zoqinglong right white tiger, white tiger is also overcast, so the dresser should be placed on the right, and the corresponding left also to put a relatively tall furniture, such as wardrobe or screen can also.

10, some star hotel furniture is not only the conventional furniture, but also set up a cloakroom, but the cloakroom is often poor ventilation, humidity heavier, and the mirror in front of the door easy to frighten people, at this time can be placed a plate of the plant is not very high occlusion solution.